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Fertilization and sustainability

The search for more efficient and sustainable fertilizers is one of today’s industry challenges. A technological strategy consists in combining nitrogen sources with nitrification inhibiting substances; it is an added value if the origin is natural. Another challenge in the sector is to obtain new crop fertilizers with efficient micronutrients that are stable in the environment, therefore avoiding leaching losses or fast degradation. In the case of nano-fertilizers, the high surface area of the nanoparticles canmean a higher potential in their phytoavailability. However, it is essential to rule out possible phytotoxicity. On the other hand, the integrated study of agricultural systems that considers managing soil tillage, species selection, and cultivar rotation, or including vegetable covers, is also a tool for achieving more economical and environmentally efficient agricultural systems.

CEIGRAM offers different lines of collaboration with companies, researchers, and agents in the sector to make the transition to productive and sustainable agriculture.