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Other national calls

Public-Private Partnership Projects

This is a call from the State Programme for R&D+i that seeks to increase the impact and return of the results of activities on society that are funded with public resources, as well as the promotion of collaboration between the public and business sector in R&D+i.

Status: closed
Application deadline: 10/02/2022
Objective: to finance cooperative projects between companies and research bodies to promote the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques, and contribute to creating new products and services.
Type of project: experimental development, a minimum budget of 500,000 euros, and 1.5 years minimum and at most 3.5 years.
Beneficiaries: Companies and universities, the representative must be a company that will be the applicant for the aid; other partners may act as a technical coordinator. Minimum of two entities, one of which must be a public or private research organisation. Business participation must be over 60% of the total budget presented.
Type of aid/ eligible expenses: loan for companies, total costs with different aid intensities (%), and for research bodies 100% of the marginal costs of the action. The aid payments will be made individually to each of the participants.
More information: here (2022 call)

Aid for implementing innovation projects by supra-autonomous AEI-Agri task forces

The Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA) has announced aid for implementing innovation projects of general interest by the European Association for Innovation in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability’s (AEI-Agri) task forces, within the framework of the National Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

Status: closed
Application deadline:  17/11/2020
Objective: To implement innovation projects of general interest within the framework of the National Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 through task forces that will benefit an entire sector or subsectorat a national level. The available budget for 2020, over 17M€.
Type of project: innovation projects
Beneficiaries: groups of at least two mutually independent natural or legal persons from the agri-food and forestry sector, the research or knowledge sector, and non-governmental organisations.
Type of aid/eligible expenses: 100% subsidy of the total operating costs of co-operation and direct non-investment costs of implementing the innovative project. Maximum 600 000 euros/project.
More information: here (2020 call)

Digital Enabling Technologies

As part of the State Plan, the Ministry of Economy and Business announces aid for the development of Digital EnablingTechnologies that favour and promote The Spanish Economy’s and society’s disruptive digital transformation processes.

Status: closed
Application deadline: February 2022
Objective: The purpose of this aid is to finance industrial research or experimental development projects in the field of Digital Enabling Technologies (DET)
Type of project: industrial research or experimental development projects with a minimum budget of 200 000 euros.
Beneficiaries: companies over 3 years old.
Tipo de ayuda/gastos financiables: Type of aid/eligible expenses: subsidy, advance payment of total aid. For industrial research projects, up to 80% for small companies, 75% for medium-sized companies, and 65% for large companies. For experimental development projects, up to 60% for small companies, 50% for medium-sized companies, and 40% for large companies.
THD: Internet of things, Digital Infrastructures and 5G networks, Fuzzy and cloud computing. Big data and information processing technologies. High-Performance Computing (HPC). Natural language processing. Cybersecurity, biometricsand digital identity, and industrial cybersecurity. Distributed databases (blockchain/DLT), Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), virtual reality, Micro/nanoelectronics.
More information: here (call 2020)

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