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National Calls

R & D Projects in strategic lines. AEI (2022)

The objective of the call for R&D projects in strategic lines is to support industrial research projects carried out in cooperation between companies and R&D agents, both public and private, in order to respond to the challenges identified in the priorities themes (topics)

Status: closed
Application deadline: 14/06/2022 – 05/07/2022
Objective: To finance industrial research projects in collaboration between companies and research organizations in order to respond to the challenges identified in the thematic priorities (topics), which are determined in the calls, and in which value is given to the overlap between disciplines at a methodological, conceptual or theoretical level. The aim is to promote advances in the field of application to which the projects are directed, both in the scientific field and in technological development and innovation. Likewise, the aid will promote the generation of quality scientific and technological knowledge through the financing of research projects aimed at the challenges of our society, contributing to the fulfillment of specific objective 4 (SO4: Promote the generation of quality scientific-technical knowledge through the financing of both non-oriented research projects that advance the knowledge frontier and projects oriented to the challenges of our society) of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research for the period 2021-2023.
Thematic priorities:
Beneficiaries: Public research organizations, public universities, accredited health research institutes, state-level technology centers and state-level technological innovation support centers, private universities with R+D capacity and activity, private R+D+i centers non-profit, companies and business associations
Type of aid/ eligible expenses: Public R&D organizations will receive a subsidy of 100% of the marginal costs; private R&D organizations will receive a subsidy of 100% of the total costs, private companies will receive loans with a maximum intensity of 95% depending on the type of company (total costs), public companies will receive a subsidy of up to 65% of the total costs.
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“Proof of Concept” projects. AEI (2022)

The call for aid for “Proof of Concept” Projects 2022, aims to finance projects that accelerate the transfer of knowledge and results generated in research projects, in progress or recently completed of the State Plan, through the modalities of projects of R&D of «Generation of Knowledge» and of R&D&i projects «Research Challenges». The activities of the proof of concept project will be oriented to progress in the early stages of pre-competitive development and to facilitate the transfer or exploitation of the results, in the form of products, goods, services or other applications, that are beneficial for the economy, society, culture or public policy. These grants are intended to promote the culture of transfer and the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of research groups, as well as contribute to strengthening the strategies for transferring knowledge and results of the beneficiary institutions of said projects.

Status: closed
Application deadline:  17/05/2022 – 31/05/2022
Objective: The proof of concept projects will aim to value the knowledge and results of the research projects financed in the calls indicated in the Call Order itself, by carrying out additional activities that allow confirming their innovative potential and facilitating their transfer. The projects may not be oriented to the continuation of the investigation of the previous project, so that the activities must be oriented to progress in the first stages of the pre-competitive development, admitting applications in different stages of maturation, provided that the finalist character of the call
Type of project: The application for the project must be carried out in the same form of execution – individual or coordinated – as the research project from which it derives. Duration 2 years. Up to €150,000/project (about 375 in the last call)
Beneficiaries: Universities, public R+D+i centers, technology centers and public and private entities linked to science, technology, research and innovation, which meet the requirements established in art. 36. of the Order of bases and call
Type of aid/eligible expenses: The aid will be granted in the subsidy modality. The call may establish a limit or maximum percentage of aid for each action and/or beneficiary. The aid may finance up to 100% of the expenses of the financed action
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Public-Private Partnership Projects of the State Plan

The objective of this call is to support experimental development projects in cooperation between companies and research organizations, in order to promote the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques, and contribute to the creation of new products. and services

Status: closed
Objective: Advance in the incorporation of scientific-technical knowledge and results that allow the validation and pre-competitive development of new technologies, products and services, creating the appropriate context that stimulates the generation of a critical mass in interdisciplinary R+D+i for its application, transfer, search for solutions and generation of results both in the technological and innovation trajectories of companies and in the market. Likewise, with these projects it is intended to mobilize private investment, generate employment and improve the technological balance of the country, as well as reinforce the international leadership capacity of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation and its agents, contributing to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric
Type of project: experimental development projects led by a company and one or several research organizations, minimum budget of 400,000 euros and duration of 3 years. The projects may not involve activities that directly or indirectly cause significant damage to the environment (DNSH Principle)
Beneficiaries: OPIs, universities, other public R+D+i centers, technology centers, private R+D+i centers, companies, business associations, the representative must be a company that will be the applicant for the aid, other partners may act as technical coordinator. Minimum of two entities, one of which must be a public or private research organization. Business participation must be greater than 51% of the total budget presented
Type of aid/eligible expenses: loan for companies, the total costs with different aid intensity (%), for research organizations 100% of the marginal costs of the action, for private R&D organizations 100% of the total costs subsidy. The payment of the aid will be made individually to each of the participants
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Grants for the execution of innvation projects by supra autonomous operational groups of AEI AGRI

The Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA) calls aid for the execution of innovation projects of general interest by operational groups of the European Association for Innovation in the field of agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-Agri), within the framework of the National Program of Rural Development 2014-2020.

Status: closed
Application deadline:  26/04/2022
Objective: The execution, through operational groups, of innovation projects of general interest within the framework of the National Rural Development Program 2014-2020 that benefit an entire sector or subsector at the national level.
Type of project: Innovation projects
Beneficiaries: Groups of at least two individuals, physical or legal, independent from each other, from the agri-food and forestry sector, from the research or knowledge sector and non-governmental organizations
Type of aid/eligible expenses: Subsidy of 100% of the total costs of operation of cooperation and direct costs of execution of the innovative project that are not investment. Maximum €600,000/project
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Digital Enabling Technologies (TDH)

The Public Business Entity, attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, grants aid for technological development and digital content, within the framework of the Strategic Action for the Digital Economy and Society of the State R&D Program aimed at challenges of society and the State Program for business leadership in R+D+i.

Status: Closed.
Objective: Financing of industrial research or experimental development projects in the field of Digital Enabling Technologies in which there is a substantial boost in the degree of technological maturity.
Type of project: Individual industrial research and experimental development projects in the field of Digital Enabling Technologies, in which a substantial boost is produced in the degree of technological maturity. Minimum eligible budget of 200,000 euros.
Beneficiaries: Companies and Economic Interest Groups (AIE)
Type of aid/eligible expenses: Up to 80% subsidy depending on the type of project and the type of company.
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PERTE Agri-food

Aid for industrial strengthening actions in the agri-food sector within the Strategic Project for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience of the agri-food sector (PERTE Agri-food).

Status: closed
Application deadline: 28/02/2023
Type of project: Subsidy of 100% of the total costs of operation of cooperation and direct cost of execution of the innovative project that are not investment. Maximum 600.000 €/project.
Beneficiaries: Groups without their own legal personality made up of a minimum of 4 entities and a maximum of 60.
Type of aid/eligible expenses: The call contemplates the possibility of granting aid in the form of a grant, loan or a combination of both. Certain types of companies will have the obligation to request a minimum loan amount.
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