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Industrial Doctorate

Every year, the community of Madrid and the State Research Plan publish calls open to any area of knowledge to conduct an industrial doctorate by financing pre-doctoral contracts and funds for the development of industrial projects. These are proposals presented by companies in collaboration with research groups.

Community of Madrid

Grants whose purpose is to promote effective collaboration and the transfer of knowledge between the academic world and the company, promoting the recruitment of young researchers so that they develop research projects that allow them to obtain an industrial doctorate to later incorporate these doctors into companies. once the aid has ended and thus strengthen research and the competitiveness of Madrid companies.

Status: closed
Application deadline: 27/05/2022
Objective: Development of industrial doctorate projects in any field of knowledge and any business sector in the Community of Madrid to strengthen the lines of research and competitiveness of companies in Madrid (work centre in the Community of Madrid-CM).
Type of project: research projects or studies to develop products, processes, or services between a company and a research body. Three years duration.
Beneficiaries: Companies (small, medium, and large) universities based in the Community of Madrid (work centre in CM).    
Type of aid/eligible expenses: subsidy with co-funding for companies, 20 000, 17 500, and 15000euros/year (small, medium, and large companies) for the pre-doctoral contract and subsidy of up to 30 000 euros/year for fungible/can be inventoried/registration for the research groups.
More information: here (2022 call)

State Programme for the promotion of talent and employability

The Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities publish an annual call for Industrial Doctorates to promote the training of doctors in companies nationally through the co-funding of pre-doctoral contracts that participate in an industrial or experimental research project developed in the company, in which their doctoral thesis will be framed, to favour the labour insertion of researchers in companies at the beginning of their professional careers.

Status: closed
Application deadline: 23/02/2023
Objective: Development of industrial doctorate projects in any field of knowledge and any business sector.
Type of project: Industrial or experimental development projects leading to a doctoral thesis on subjects of interest and relevance to the company, length 4 years.
Beneficiaries: companies (small, medium, large) and applicants enrolled or admitted to a doctoral programme.
Type of aid/eligible expenses: subsidy of up to 70% depending on the size of the company and the kind of project, to finance the pre-doctoral contract, completion of stays, and tuition fees.
More information: here (2022 call)

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