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International Nitrogen Workshop to be hosted in Madrid

Fecha: 30/05/2022

Between October 24 and 28 of this year, the International Nitrogen Workshop will be held in Madrid, organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid through ETSIAAB, CEIGRAM and its researchers Alberto Sanz Cobeña and Luis Lassaletta.

Agro-food systems are fuelled by nitrogen. About 80% of this valuable resource is lost to the environment before reaching our plates. We refer to this loss as nitrogen waste.

The ambitious goal of halving nitrogen waste by 2030 requires important coordination of many actors: multidisciplinary scientists, farmers, industry, policy-makers, NGOs, and consumers.

In the words of its organizers, the XXI International N Workshop will contribute to this challenge by welcoming contributions dealing with different spatial scales (from the plot to global) and system scopes (crop, livestock, agroforestry, forestry, urban and agro-food systems). We will discuss these communications allocated in five regular- and three special sessions, together with eight interesting keynotes during five exciting days in October 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

There are eight confirmed keynotes dealing with multidisciplinary issues and diverse scales:

Mark Sutton (CEH, UK): Halving N waste: general perspectives

Nandula Raghuram (INI-Director, India): Crop improvement for NUE

Laura Cárdenas (Rothamsted Research UK): N2O emission factors

Xin Zhang (Maryland University, USA): NUE in cropping systems

Aimable Uwizeye (FAO): NUE in livestock systems

Gilles Billen (CNRS, France): Agro-food system scenarios

Jill Baron (USGS, USA): Farmers’ involvement in reactive N abatement

Estela Romero (CREAF, Spain): N dynamics in river basins

Eight confirmed keynotes

Five regular sessions are structured following a system’s scale organization. Each session counts with a specific committee of experts:

1.       Plant-soil system

2.       Animal system

3.       Animal-plant-soil system

4.       Agro-food system

5.       Landscape system

Three special sessions on relevant topics:

Remote sensing for N optimization and precision agriculture. Coordinated by Miguel Quemada and Jose Luis Pancorbo (UPM, Spain), which includes an invited talk by Urs Schmidhalter (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Costs and benefits of halving N waste by 2030. Coordinated by Hans van Grinsven (PBL, Netherlands) and Bonnie Keeler (University of Minnesota, USA)

N and circular economy. The role of affected stakeholders. Coordinated by Raúl Moral (UMH, Spain) and María Cruz García González (ITACyL, Spain)

Abstract submission is open until the 20th of June.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to write to

You can find all the details here:

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