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New image of CEIGRAM

Fecha: 18/07/2022

New CEIGRAM logo.

From the Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM), we are pleased to announce that we are currently in a process of renewing the graphic image of the center. All this has been possible, in large part, thanks to the work and support of the company MUAK Studio, whom we have hired for this purpose.

The changes we have made will be reflected in the logo of the research centre, as well as on the website, social networks and graphic material, both digital and physical, that supports the activity and evolution of CEIGRAM (rollup, brochure, among others).

Next, you can download the new official CEIGRAM logos for your use.

New CEIGRAM logo with tagline (original colors):

Soon, we will be sharing through this same channel a brochure that summarizes the activity and trajectory of CEIGRAM in the last fifteen years.

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