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The UPM coordinates the European AGROGREEN-SUDOE Transnational Cooperation Project through CEIGRAM

Fecha: 02/12/2020

Future Agri-food Systems for a socially and environmentally sustainable transition: Co-design of strategies for the mitigation of environmental risks in water and atmosphere in natural spaces of the SUDOE territory

The AgroGreen-SUDOE project seeks to develop proposals for the management of farming systems, with regional and actor sensitivity, that lead to a minimum environmental impact of agricultural activity in the SUDOE territory (Spain, Portugal and southern France). The project is developed within the framework of the Interreg V-B Southwestern Europe Cooperation Program (SUDOE) and has funding of more than one million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In the framework of the project, the management scenarios (management practices such as fertilization and irrigation) will be co-designed based on a process of synthesis of existing information, generation of new data and estimation of agri-environmental impacts through modeling tools. All this with the aim of incorporating the vision and sensitivities of the main actors involved in the process of production of food of agricultural origin, as well as in the development of public policies in the agricultural and environmental field. That is why one of the axes of the project is the creation of the AgroGreen-SUDOE Multi-Actor Platform in which the co-design of scenarios pivots.

The project is coordinated by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid through CEIGRAM and its partnership is structured on two levels: beneficiary partners and associates. The beneficiary partners are 6, two per country and with representation from the academy and the world of agricultural producers (final recipients of the final product of the project):

The group of associated partners, more numerous (20), responds to the same profiles, adding the administrative facet in the environmental and agricultural fields:

The final product of the project will be a visualization tool for the agri-environmental impacts associated with crop production in the SUDOE territory through different crop management practices, with a special focus on fertilization and irrigation. This product will be the result of the conjunction of scientific rigor (data, modeling tools and previous experience of contrasted groups), of transnational cooperation and of the co-creation process within the AgroGreen-SUDOE multi-actor Platform, to face a common problem and provide sensitive solutions to each region.

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