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Applying new technologies and data science

As machines and a wide variety of sensors have been implemented in rural areas, data on agricultural holdings has increased exponentially in quantity and scope. Agricultural processes are increasingly data-driven and designed for data collection. While initially taking into account the variability in the field, over time, this research area has gone further by introducing various data collection, analysis, and modelling techniques for decision making and actions in agri-environmental systems.

Research groups working within the area:

Active research projects within the area (public funding):

GoNEXUS – Innovative tools and solutions for governing the water-energy-food-ecosystems NEXUS under global change.
European Commission. H2020-LC-CLA-2020-2 (Project 101003722). 2021-2025. IP: María Blanco. Participan: Isabel Bardají, Silvestre García de Jalón.

BEACON – Boosting Agricultural Insurance based on Earth Observation data.
European Commission. H2020-EU. EU. (Project 821964). 2019-2021. IP: Ana María Tarquis. Participan: José María Sumpsi, Margarita Ruiz Ramos, David Rivas, Andrés Almeida.

EraSmus Curricula in Applied PlAnt SciEnces.
Erasmus +. 2018-2021. IP: María Gómez del Campo.

FORWARD: Operational monitoring and FOrecasting system for Resilience of agriculture and forestry under intensification of the WAteR cycle: a big Data approach.
ERA-NET COFUND WATERWORKS 2015. 2017-2019. IP: Alicia Palacios. Asesoramiento científico y técnico a la empresa TSK.

Riego de precisión en olivar y viñedo. Evaluación de sensores en suelo-planta atmosfera e imágenes multiespectrales en estrategias de riego deficitario.
CICYT-FEDER. 2017-2019. IP: María Gómez del Campo, María Gómez del Campo. Participan: José Ramón Lissarrague, Juan López de Herrera, Ana María Tarquis, Rubén Moratiel.

Big Data y Data Analytics en el estudio de series temporales de imágenes satelitales, datos climáticos y mapas de suelos y vegetación.
YEI Ayudante de Investigación 2019. Comunidad de Madrid (PEJ-2019-AI/BIO-14252). 2020-2021. IP: Ana María Tarquis

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