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Complex Systems Research Group (GSC)


  • Computer modelling and simulation of complex systems: modelling and study of human behavior, social networks, and ecological networks.
  • Advanced-Data Analysis: treatment, analysis, and visualization of massive data.
  • Cellular Automata: Spatial Modelling in Discrete Time and Evolutionary Models.
  • Classical and Quantum Chaos: Laws of Scale and Analysis of Chaos.
  • Non-Linear Dynamics: Non-Linear System Time Series Analysis.

The research group of Complex Systems (GSC) has extensive experience studying complex systems, mass data processing, non-linear dynamics, and chaos. The team has a strong interdisciplinary character, developing research in areas as varied as physics, mathematics, optics, sociology, medicine, biology, and agro-environment. The members of the Group actively direct Doctoral Theses within the UPM’s Doctoral Programme in Complex Systems

The Group also takes part in several projects and thematic networks such us COMSOTEC (Sistemas Complejos Sociotecnológicos), DANCE (Dinámica, Atractores No Caóticos y Estabilidad), ISMC (International Soil Modelling Consortium), GUMNET (Guadarrama Monitoring NETworking) y AGRISOST (Sistemas AGRarios SOSTenibles). GSC is an active participant in network meetings nationally and internationally and collaborates with various North American research centers (Center for Nonlinear Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, New England Complex Networks Institute, University of California, University of Texas, John Hopkins University) and Europe (Rothamsted Research, University of Reading, UfZ Leipzig, Postdam Institute).


Ana M. Tarquis (Responsible Researcher at CEIGRAM)

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