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Geovisualization, singular spaces and heritage


  • Geovisualization and cultural heritage.
  • GNSS techniques and geopositioning.
  • Spatial geodesy and metric control in engineering projects.
  • Application of aerial and ground sensors in engineering.
  • Earth Observation using Remote Sensing.
  • Seismicity, seismotectonics, and seismic risk in Spain.
  •  Virtual management of natural risks.

The Group disposes of equipment for acquisition and processing of data and information registered through aerial (drones and satellite) and terrestrial (TLS scanner) sensors, GNSS receivers, and LIDAR systems. The Group has collaborated with national and international research institutions and national and foreign public organizations and private companies. Below are some of the executed projects:

  • Research Network for Spanish Cultural Landscapes. Dynamization actions, “Excellence Networks. “ National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, 2013-2017.
  • Study of geological-geotechnical risks due to aquifer exploitation using spatial and terrestrial techniques (AQUARISK). Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness research project ESP2013-47780-C2-1,2-R. (2014/2016) and (2016/2018). In collaboration with IGEO/CSIC.
  • Collaboration between R+D+i interdisciplinary structures. Research, development, and innovation R+D+i Program of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2017.
  • Comprehensive methodology to improve sensitive factor appreciation in cultural landscapes (SENSE-SCAPES) (2017/2018). In collaboration with GIPC-ETSAM.
  • Sustainable precision irrigation of woody crops in different water deficit and salinity scenarios. Sub-project: Precision irrigation in olive groves and vineyards. Evaluation of sensors in soil-plant-atmosphere and multispectral images in deficit irrigation strategies. Ministry of Agriculture, 2017-2019.


Iñigo Molina Sánchez (Responsible Researcher at CEIGRAM)

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