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Value of resources


  • Thermal treatment of organic waste for the production of biochar and carbonaceous materials.
  • Recovery of large agro-climatic information.
  • Treatment and recovery of mining soils.
  • Soil and water conservation.
  • Development of substrates for cropping systems.
  • Indexing and evaluation of land use.
  • Integrated management of land use and resources.

The Group has more than 30 years of experience in the valuation of resources, carrying out its activity, and working closely with the business world, which has allowed it to successfully develop different research projects for both national and international companies

The Group has extensive experience in manufacturing biochar and hydrochar from organic waste and evaluating its effect on the physical, chemical, and biological soil properties.

The Group also works with several companies and organisations, mainly in agricultural insurance and water management. They have helped calculate the risk premium for adverse climatic events (frost problems, heatstroke, hail, recurrent rainfall, water shortage) for maize, cotton, cereal, potatoes and early potatoes, fruit trees, and especially almond trees, subtropicals, ornamentals, etc.


Antonio Saa Requejo

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