Who we are?

Organisational chart

Given that CEIGRAM is a joint centre, the governance structure is defined in its internal regulations (approved by the UPM Governing Council on 27 November 2008), which involves UPM, ENESA, and AGROSEGURO. It has two Councils (the centre’s council as the main governing body and the Scientific Council is a consultation and participation body), and a Management Team. The current structure and governance of CEIGRAM is described below

Management team

The management team is the collegiate body that advises the Director of the centre on  decision making.

Isabel Bardají Azcárate
Deputy director:
Ana María Tarquis Alfonso
Ester Hernández Montes
Esperanza Luque Merelo


The Centre’s Council is the collegiate governing and administrative body. It is composed of 10 members: four of which are proposed by ENESA, four by UPM, and two by AGROSEGURO.

Council President:
Miguel Pérez Cimas – ENESA Director
Council secretary:
Ester Hernández Montes – Full Professor, Department of Agricultural Production-ETSIAAB (Higher Technical School of  Agricultural Engineering, Food, and Biosystems)-UPM

Presidente del Consejo:
Miguel Pérez Cimas – ENESA Director

Mª Carmen Sánchez Morillo-Velarde – Assistant director ENESA.
Andrés Escudero Población – Deputy Director General of Analysis, Coordination and Statistics from MAPA.

Secretary to the Board:
Ester Hernández Montes – UPM Full Professor, Department of Agricultural Production – ETSIAAB – UPM

Isabel Bardají Azcárate – University Professor, Department of Agricultural Economy, Statistics and Business Management – ETSIAAB – UPM
Ana María Tarquis Alfonso – Professor, Departament of Applied Mathematics – ETSIAAB – UPM
José Manuel Palacios – ETSIAAB Director – UPM

Sergio de Andrés Osorio – Director
José Carlos Sánchez – Claims Director

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is a collegiate body that participates in research in the centre. The Director of CEIGRAM presides over it. It is composed of the centre’s doctoral members, two representatives of the non-doctoral staff, two representatives of ENESA, and one representative of AGROSEGURO.

Isabel Bardají Azcárate – Director of CEIGRAM
Ester Hernández Montes
All doctors at CEIGRAM
1 Researcher-in-training representative.
1 Representative management team

Two representatives will vary according to the topics discussed at each council.

One representative will vary according to the topics discussed at each council.