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A science-policy interface on risks of climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean region and Middle East

Fecha: 02/12/2019

Side event organizers:  Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat – Cyprus Government (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment)

Time & date: 12 de diciembre de 14:30 a 16:00

Place: IFEMA Zona azul – EU Pavilion

During this event, the current state and risks related to climate and environmental change the Mediterranean will be discussed by scientists and decision-makers. First of all, an overview of preliminary results of the first-ever comprehensive scientific report on the impact of climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean region developed by MedECC will be presented. Secondly, and complementary to this approach, the Cyprus Climate Change Initiative aiming at the development of a Regional Action Plan to address the specific needs and challenges, countries are facing in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region, will address the impact of climate change and advance mitigation actions in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Guest speakers:

  • Stéphane Simonnet, Directeur, Acterrra (for Plan Bleu), France
  • Dr. Alberto Sanz-Cobeña, CEIGRAM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Dr. Alejandra Morán Ordóñez, InForest JRU (CTFC-CREAF), Spain
  • Q&A

More information:

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