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Seminario CEIGRAM: Nitrogen budgets in the Swedish food system

Fecha: 10/05/2019

El próximo viernes 24 de mayo a las 12:00 se llevará a cabo en la sede del CEIGRAM el seminario “Nitrogen budgets in the Swedish food system”, impartido por Rasmus Einarsson, estudiante de doctorado en la Universidad de Tecnología de Chalmers, Suecia, y que actualmente se encuentra de estancia en el CEIGRAM.

Abstract: The talk will discuss methods and data sources for our work with nitrogen (N) budgets in the Swedish food system. Two main topics will be (1) system boundaries and (2) opportunities and challenges in using a combination of farm-gate budgets, national statistics, and various other data sources. As an example I will present a comparison of N flows in organic and conventional milk production, based primarily on a dataset of 283 organic and 1566 conventional farm-gate N budgets.

Rasmus Einarsson is a PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, visiting CEIGRAM for three months during March-June 2019. He is interested in how nitrogen and phosphorus flows in the food system are shaped by dietary choices, agricultural management, and the structure of agriculture.

Si deseas asistir al seminario puedes apuntarte en el siguiente enlace.

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