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Seminario CEIGRAM: Water use, productivity and yield: multi-dimensionality and simplifications

Fecha: 17/05/2019

El próximo viernes 31 de mayo a las 12:30 se llevará a cabo en la sede del CEIGRAM el seminario «Water use, productivity and yield: multi-dimensionality and simplifications», impartido por M. Inés Mínguez, catedrática de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid e investigadora del CEIGRAM.

Abstract: Efficiency of water use increases in complexity and in measurement errors when scaling up from a leaf to a hydrologic basin. Adding to this complexity is the fact that crops are not just a sum of individual plants because differences in canopy structure affect T control. Estimation or measurement of the multidimensional water productivity (WP) in agriculture requires avoiding oversimplification. The current emphasis on making science accessible to the general public because “society pays” and society has to be shown the importance of what we scientists do, leads to an over-simplification of complex issues. Issues on improvement of WP and a corrected water footprint (WF) are discussed.

M. Inés Mínguez is a Full Professor of Crop Ecology and Agronomy at CEIGRAM-UPM. She has worked at the University of Córdoba, Spain, at The Grassland Research Institute, UK, and at The University of Melbourne within the Joint Centre for Crop Improvement-DPI, Horsham, Australia.

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