Collaborate with CEIGRAM

Funding for public-private partnerships

There are various lines of aid and R+D+i programs that support public-private collaboration through regional, national and international calls.

Through this section of the CEIGRAM website you will be able to find information on public aid, in the form of subsidies or advantageous loans, aimed at financing industrial research project, experimental development or innovation projects.

International R&D&i programmes

The largest source of funding for R&D+i at the European level is the R&D+i Framework Programme, which funds interdisciplinary and multi-sector R&D+i projects. It offers a wide range of instruments that allow public-private partnership projects to gain international visibility and financial support. Also, there are other international initiatives such as the PRIMA programme, the LIFE+ programme or INTERREG, which are increasingly innovation-oriented, in which university-business collaboration is essential.

CDTI aid for R&D+I

The centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) promotes innovation and technological development in Spanish companies by providing financial aid to carry out R&D+i business projects nationally and internationally.

National Calls

It is a call for proposals from the State R&D & I Program that seeks to increase the impact and return of the results of the activities financed with public resources to society, as well as the promotion of collaboration in R&D & I between the public sector and business sector.

Industrial Doctorate

La Comunidad de Madrid y el Plan Estatal de Investigación publican cada año convocatorias abiertas a cualquier ámbito de conocimiento para realizar proyectos de doctorado industrial mediante la financiación de los contratos pre-doctorales y fondos para el desarrollo del proyecto industrial. Son propuestas presentadas por empresas con la colaboración de grupos de investigación.

R&D aid from the Community of Madrid

La Comunidad de Madrid convoca cada año ayudas que financian la creación, inicio de actividad y consolidación de nuevas y jóvenes empresas innovadoras de base tecnológica en actividades empresariales innovadoras que requieran el uso de tecnologías y/o conocimientos desarrollados a partir de la actividad investigadora o del conocimiento generado por los organismos de investigación domiciliados en la Comunidad de Madrid y/o en el mercado, y en las que la estrategia de negocio se base en el desarrollo y el uso intensivo de tecnología.