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The TVE news broadcasts a report on vertical agriculture with Rubén Moratiel, CEIGRAM researcher

Fecha: 22/11/2023

Video: ‘Vertical agriculture, crops at different heights produced in cities’.

Vertical agriculture is proposed as a solution for producing food in urban areas, reducing the transportation costs and its ecological footprint. Food security for a growing world population, population density in cities and the scarcity of arable land are problems to which this type of agriculture aims to provide a solution.

These crops do not compete for land use because they do not occupy productive spaces; water use is reduced by 95% and, in addition, being in closed environments, the presence of pests is minimized and pesticides and herbicides are not needed for their control.

Rubén Moratiel, CEIGRAM researcher and professor at ETSIAAB, has been invited to promote the benefits of this type of crops in the news broadcast on TVE’s Telediario 2, on November 20.

If you are interested in seeing the full report, click on the following link:

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