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AGRISOST, Outstanding Project in the Engineering Field

Fecha: 22/12/2023

The Spanish Institute of Engineering has selected AGRISOST as an Outstanding Project in the field of Engineering, recognizing its will of social transformation and its innovative character.

AGRISOST is a sustainability and environmental protection project whose purpose is to explore agricultural production systems that integrate high production and environmental sustainability through appropriate management practices. The objectives of this project respond directly to the needs of the sector, in order to make the transition from our traditional agriculture to a climate-smart and digitized agriculture.

The Mediterranean region faces significant challenges for sustainable and sufficient food production, in a context of high risk of reduced crop yields and hydric availability, associated with climate change. Mitigation, adaptation and sustainable use of resources are priority actions that have been implemented in a coordinated manner in the AGRISOST Project. Actions such as balanced fertilization, proper manure management, application of crop rotations and cover crops, use of fertilizers with inhibitors of microbiological processes, all of them aimed at promoting the sustainability of agricultural systems, have been studied and implemented in long-term trials.

Since its inception in 2013 and throughout its two dilated stages over a decade (2013-2017 and 2017-2023), the Agrisost Project has had a large scientific production (63 SCI articles), as well as an important staffing, giving great importance to the transmission of knowledge, training of young researchers and collaborative work. The project has also included educational activities and participation in other Networks and Research Groups (RUENA, SIRENA, REMEDIA, CAPERMED).

From CEIGRAM we want to recognize the effort and achievements of this Project and we share the book that compiles the 52 projects highlighted by the Spanish Engineering Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in key areas for the future of our country. The link to the book can be found here:

Logo de Agrisost

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