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Report prepared by CEIGRAM researchers within the framework of the SHERPA Project: Change in production and diversification of the rural economy

Fecha: 25/02/2022

Within the framework of the European Project SHERPA, CEIGRAM researchers Isabel Bardají, Bárbara Soriano and Carina Folkenson have prepared the following report: Change in production and diversification of the rural economy

Topic and headline messages:

Efforts to diversify the rural economy will only be fruitful if the general living conditions and standards are in place, such as housing, communication, and services. Without adequate general living conditions, people will continue to emigrate from rural areas regardless of the efforts made to generate work opportunities.

In order to diversify the rural economy, sectoral approaches will only be partially effective. Instead, a comprehensive and horizontal strategy is needed, incorporating all sectors and themes. This strategy should be the foundation for coordinated actions undertaken by all actors involved. The kind of actions that will be effective in stimulating the diversification of the rural economy are different in different rural areas, mainly related to how close to an urban centre the rural area is located.

Find more information about the SHERPA Project on its official website:

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