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Research Group on Agricultural Systems (Agsystems)


  • Water and nitrogen management in agricultural systems.
  • Uncertainties associated with the impact of climate change. Adaptations.
  • Modelling crops and cropping systems.

The Research Group on Agricultural Systems (AgSystems) is a consortium of university researchers from the “Producción Agraria” Departments of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Our primary research area is studying the management and productivity of agricultural systems and their relationship to the environment. The final objective is to implement sustainable intensification of production systems to increase resilience under climate variability and change. To this end, AgSystems supports research projects that combine field experiments and simulation models.

AgSystems is currently involved in several national and international research projects  focused on evaluating water and nitrogen management strategies in cropping systems, assessing the uncertainties and sources of variation in projected climate change impacts on agricultural systems, and developing simulation models for cropping systems. AgSystems addresses fundamental and applied research, focusing on the transfer of technology through collaboration with private enterprises, central and regional administrations, and generating simulation models linked to Decision Support Systems.

AgSystems is also active in national and international cooperation projects for agricultural development focused on agricultural reactivation and the reinforcement between universities through curriculum and the mobility of students and teachers. Several members of the Group participate actively in the Red Española de Investigación en Agricultura para el Desarrollo.


Miguel Quemada Saenz-Badillos

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